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 My Interview with the Ducks GM Authority Zero

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My Interview with the Ducks GM Authority Zero Empty
PostSubject: My Interview with the Ducks GM Authority Zero   My Interview with the Ducks GM Authority Zero I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 12, 2010 11:17 pm

I Will try to interview at least 5 GMs a month

Now my interview with Authority Zero

JPL:Do you think you have a legit chance of winning the CUP this year?

ZERO:I think we had a strong chance at the playoffs this year with our original roster. But with some the addition of heatley to our top line, and michalek to our second line, our offense becomes that much more deadly. there also may be a trade in the works to bring in another top 6 scorer bryan little from ATL, but that has yet to be confirmed. the additions on the backend of Ehrhoff and Ericsson shore up an already solid blue line.So id like to say we have a legitamate shot at the CUP this year

JPL:Ok that brings me to my next question. What orginiazation do you belive presents the biggest risk to challange you for the CUP?

ZERO:You have the perrenial western powers like SJ and DET that always pose a threat, but i would watch CHI closely, theyve got a strong grupo of extremely talented youngsters with a good mix of vets to lead the way

JPL:Yes id watch out for DET getting better everyday. What do you think of the GM of the CAR, do u think he is bad for the league?

ZERO:( Laughing ) I try my hardest to respect all GM's equally, because its not an easy job, and theres alot of stress involved. but, sometimes, people play dirty and use tactics that are frowned upon, and it makes GM's as a whole look bad. you try to give someone the benefit of the doubt, but unfortunately, not everyone can be a stand up GM...nobodys perfect, so i try and keep to deals with GM's who i have i good working relationship with.

JPL: Laughing I know it can be hard sometimes. To the other GM's that are looking at this interview what are lookin to improve on and what players will not be leavin anytime soon?

ZERO:obviously, as a GM, ur always looking to improve your team and theres always something you can improve upon. your job is never done as a GM. i wouldnt call anyone untouchable, because if the right deal comes along, than anyone can be moved, but core players like heatley, getzlaf, perry, and sbisa are a solid gruop of players to build around and any team would be lucky to have them. they lead both by example and by voice..so dont expect them to be shopped openly

JPL:Interesting.Last question here sir. How do u think your team wll be doing in 5 years,do you have enough depth to still be good in the future?

ZERO:I think if we stick with our plan of keeping experienced vets mixed in with a solid group of youth with smart draft day transactions, i dont foresee any problems in 5 years, and we should be just as strong than as we are now, if not stronger.

JPL:Thank you for your time Sir best of luck to you and your team this upcoming year.

I am hoping to get a hold of the WSH GM in the near future.
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My Interview with the Ducks GM Authority Zero Empty
PostSubject: Re: My Interview with the Ducks GM Authority Zero   My Interview with the Ducks GM Authority Zero I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 13, 2010 10:42 am

Someone's been copying my ideas eh? Razz
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My Interview with the Ducks GM Authority Zero
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